Harnessing the power of human gaze, Tobii eye tracking provides users with an intuitive and engaging way to interact with a wide variety of devices and is already supported in well over 100 consumer software applications. Tobii offers a collection of different software development kits that provide you as a developer with a rich array of tools to easily and effectively create amazing applications that use eye tracking.

Tobii distinguishes applications in two categories: Interaction Use and Analytical Use. Depending on the intended use of your application, you may need to apply for a specific license.

Interaction Use

Most gaming and assistive applications utilize eye tracking data as a user input for interaction experiences, defined by Tobii as Interaction Use. This includes applications that enable a user to select or activate a function based on their gaze, position, presence, etc. For example a game that automatically locks onto an enemy target that a player is looking at. In Interaction Use, the eye tracking data can’t be stored or transmitted to a network, nor analyzed or processed for other purposes. Applications that use eye tracking data solely for “Interaction Use” do not require a special license from Tobii.

Analytical Use

Beyond real-time interaction, knowing where we focus our attention brings value to a range of applications within behavioral research, usability testing, security, streaming of gaze data and even health assessments. These applications would involve transferring, storing and analyzing/aggregating the eye tracking, presence and position data which is defined by Tobii as Analytical Use. For any application that stores or transfers such data you must obtain a special Analytical Use license from Tobii.